7 Benefits of Strawberry Fruit

7 Benefits of Strawberry Fruit – Strawberry is the queen of all fruits. Strawberry, look wise is the most lucrative fruit. It is a juicy heart shaped fruit. Strawberry is rated as the fourth fruit according to U.S. Fruit chart which has huge amount of antioxidants. It is a delicate fruit which is perishable because of its nutrient qualities. The scientific name of strawberry is Fragaria. It is the most popular berry fruit which is available from April through July. In this post we are going to discuss about 7 Benefits of Strawberry Fruit.
7 Benefits of Strawberry Fruit, Strawberry

7 Benefits of Strawberry Fruit

The nutrient content in strawberry is :

  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin C
  • Omega 3 fats
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorous
  • Copper
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorous
  • Iodine
  • Folate
  • Fiber
  • Biotin

There are huge numbers of benefits of strawberry which are given below :

Burns fat

Strawberry helps to burn stored fat. The anthocyanins present in strawberry helps to do this.

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Helps in reduction of cardiovascular disease

Flavonoids in strawberry help to reduce cardio vascular disease. Flavoniods helps in blood circulation. Antioxidants help to get rid of blood clots and harmful toxins from body. Flavonoids keep heart healthy.

Helps in bone health

Magnesium in strawberry helps in bone development and growth.

Skin and Hair Benefits of Strawberry Fruit, Strawberry

Reduces weight

High fibers and anthocyanins help in removing extra fat and help to reduce weight.

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Anti-ageing properties

Vitamin C helps to protect your skin from ageing.  Antioxidants help to protect skin from damaging.

Protects eye

Strawberry has vitamin C which protects the eye from harmful effects of UV rays. It also strengthens retina and cornea.

Keeps heart healthy

Strawberry has phenolic compounds which prevents blood from clotting. It also has flavonoids which help in proper blood circulation.

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Controls blood pressure

Strawberry has potassium which controls blood pressure in control. If blood pressure remains in control then it will keep stroke and other heart diseases away.

Health Benefits of Strawberry Fruit, Strawberry

Acts as remedy for various skin problems

Strawberries act as astringent which helps to reduce the puff around the eyes. Vitamin C and Alpha Hydroxy Acids helps to reduce acne. Vitamin C helps to repair tissues and skin damage. Strawberries are rich in ellagic acid which helps to treat pigmentation. It also acts as good scrub for body and skin. Ellagic acid also protects skin from harmful radiation of ultra violet rays. Strawberry extract can be a good skin toner and skin cleanser.

Beneficial for hair

Vitamin B 5, vitamin B6 and ellagic acid helps to prevent hair from thinning. It also nourishes the hair. Strawberry helps to give shine to your hair. Strawberry is also used to fight dandruff and prevents fungal growth.

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Boosts immune power

Vitamin C present in strawberry helps to increase the immune power of body which keeps various flues and viruses away from you.

Strawberry has very good flavor. Strawberry can be eaten as fresh fruit. It can be used for salads. It also helps to prepare ice cream, jelly, jam, chocolates. Strawberry is also used as flavor for yogurt, mousse, desserts and many other preparations.

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