7 Benefits of Olive Oil

7 Benefits of Olive Oil – Olive Oil is basically the oil which is extracted from olive and is used for cooking, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products etc. The origination of olive is from Asia Minor. There many varieties of olive oil but the pure virgin form of olive oil is best as it is free from oleic acid. The usage of olive oil is many and it is very beneficial. Now-a-days people are opting from white oil to olive oil for a better life. Today we are going to discuss about 7 Benefits of Olive Oil.
7 Benefits of Olive Oil, Olive Oil

7 Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil lowers heart diseases

Olive oil has the capacity to lower cholesterol level as it has polyphenols. It also stimulates the elimination of low density lipoproteins. Olive oil helps to keep arteries more elastic which is helpful in keeping heart healthy and away from severe diseases like stroke and heart attack.

Olive oil reduces the risk of cancer

It has phytonutrients, olecanthal reduces the inflammation which helps to decrease the risk of breast cancer and its reoccurrence. Phytochemicals are very effective in suppressing cancer genes and in killing cancer cells.

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Olive Oil controls blood pressure

Olive oil amazingly control both systolic and diastolic rate of blood pressure. The antioxidants help in proper blood circulation.

Olive oil is effective for Diabetic patients

Olive oil has monounsaturated fats and has very low in saturated fat. It controls blood sugar level. Olive oil recipes contain monounsaturated fats which are really helpful and effective for diabetic patients.

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Benefits of Olive Oil, Olive Oil

Olive oil fights against osteoporosis

Olive oil prevents from bone mass loss. It has anti inflammatory benefits. Polyphenols which are present in olive oil help in bone growth and development.

Olive oil is very effective for skin

Olive oil moisturizes your skin and soothes it from the harmful effect of sunburn. It helps you protect your skin from acne. It can also be a good alternative of shaving lotion. Olive oil before bath keeps skin smooth and glowing. Olive can also be used as make up remover. It acts as body lotion too.

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Olive oil nourishes and protects the hair

Olive oil controls the hair from rough dry fizzy hair. It helps to control the damage of hair caused by sun. A few drops can bring a new life to your hair.

Olive oil helps the digestive system

The antioxidants and polyphenols helps in improving the digestive system.

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Except all the above mentioned benefits olive oils as many more to go. Olive oil is good for loosing paints from your skin and hair. It is also protects your body from roughness and dryness. Olive oil can help you to bring back shine to your furniture and silver, copper articles. Olive oil can treat the diaper rash of your babies. Just remember to store your olive oil away from direct sunlight.

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