7 Benefits of Fiber

7 Benefits of Fiber – Fiber is mainly dietary fiber which includes the indigestible portion which is derived from plant. Basically there are two types of fibers- soluble fibers and insoluble fibers. Soluble fibers easily dissolve in water and insoluble fibers do not dissolve in water. Fiber is beneficial for body. Fiber basically slows down your digestion process and thus helps you to remain full for longer period of time. Soluble fibers are found in nuts, berries, cucumbers, fruits which are converted gel like substance after intake of it. Whereas insoluble substance such as carrots, green leafy vegetables does not get dissolved easily thus helps to increase the bulk in stool and thus provides relief from constipation. The positive effect of have fiber in diet is that it produces healthful compounds which is produced during fermentation of the dietary fiber. Now let us discuss 7 Benefits of Fiber.
7 Benefits of Fiber, Fiber

7 Benefits of Fiber

Fiber helps to stop you from over eating

Fiber keeps you full for the whole day without carrying many calories. It swells in stomach as it gets water. Fiber even helps body to avoid soaking fat. It helps to control weight.

Fiber helps to reduce cholesterol

Diet containing high soluble fibers help to reduce cholesterol level. Fiber helps to lower the bad cholesterol level in blood. Soluble fiber when gets absorbs water which forms a gluey gel which get cholesterol out of body.

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Fiber reduces the risk of cancer

High fiber food helps to reduce the risk of colon cancer. Fiber helps to bind the carcinogens – the toxins which cause colon cancer help to get mixed with bowel which goes out of the body via stool and thus help to decrease the potentiality of cancer.

Fiber decreases the risk of diabetes

It helps body to regulate the blood sugar level. High fiber diet helps to regulate the metabolic rate of the body. Soluble fibers help to absorb sugar from the intestine. Low level of insulin helps to reduce fat level in body too.

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Benefits of Fiber, Fiber

Fiber helps the chances to reduce gallstones and kidney stones

Rapid increase in blood sugar level and insulin in body help to increase the risk of gallstones. Fiber helps to take care of kidney health. High fiber diet helps to protect kidney from any further damage.

Fiber helps in relieving constipation

Fiber helps to stimulate bowel movement. High fiber foods help in proper formation of stool. It helps bowel to absorb water and remain lubricant. It also helps to get relief from the pressure of hemorrhoids.

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Fiber prevents heart diseases

Fiber helps to reduce blood pressure. High fiber helps to lower the triglyceride level thus helps to keep heart healthy and free from diseases.

Fiber also helps to regulate the immune system. Soluble fibers are present in many fruits, grains as well as vegetables. Regular incorporation of fiber in daily diet will keep you healthy.

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