7 Benefits of Banana Fruit

7 Benefits of Banana Fruit – Banana is a good source of fiber and children and elders all love to have banana. Banana is available throughout the year. The dietary value of banana in human life is huge. Banana varies in shape, size and color. Banana is fleshy, soft, sweet, firm fruit with a bright yellow jacket. It was originated from Malaysia. Banana plant is near about ten to twenty feet tall and banana is always available in cluster. Banana is a good source of vitamin, minerals and fiber. Check out 7 Benefits of Banana Fruit below.
7 Benefits of Banana Fruit, banana

7 Benefits of Banana Fruit

Below mentioned the nutrition available in banana

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B6
  • Fiber
  • Potassium
  • Copper
  • Manganese
  • Biotin

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Below mentioned are some of the benefits which banana provides

  • Banana can purge away depression. It has huge level of tryptophan which gets converted to serotonin which acts as the happy mood brain neurotransmitter. Banana is stress relieving and thus provides relief.
  • Banana is rich in potassium and low in sodium which helps in proper blood circulation and thus levels the blood pressure. It thus helps in protecting heart and kidney from serious issues.
  • Banana has good amount of calcium. It helps in strengthening bones and muscles. Banana helps to prevent from osteoporosis.

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  • Banana helps in proper bowel movement and it prevents constipation. Banana helps to stimulate bowel acting as a probiotic. High fiber present in banana which actually helps to get rid of constipation.

Benefits of Banana Fruit, banana

  • Banana acts as a natural antacid. It helps in proper digestion and thus provides relief from issues such as heart burn and acid reflux. Banana even helps in preventing ulcer by providing a proper lining in stomach against corrosive acids. It even helps in soothing the digestive tract thus helps in the complete function of digestion process.
  • Banana helps in diabetes by controlling blood sugar level. Banana helps to lose weight due to presence of high fiber. Presence of vitamin B6 helps banana in production of white blood cells. Banana stops your body from swelling. It is effective especially in type 2 diabetes.

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  • Banana is high in anti oxidants. Banana helps to protect your body against free radicals as well as chronic diseases. It also helps in better eye sight. Banana helps to prevent you from the risk of kidney cancer.

Not only the above mentioned benefits, banana also used to heal itching caused by mosquito bite. Banana also is effective to cure morning sickness. Banana is used to cure anemia and strengthens the blood cells. Also banana helps to lower the body temperature. Banana is very good for athletes as it provide strength and energy.

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Banana can be eaten raw or can be used in salads. Banana can be also used to make shakes as kids love to have shakes. Baked banana is also very yummy.

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