6 Period Mistakes Every Girl Makes

6 Period Mistakes Every Girl Makes – Period is an unavoidable part of a woman’s life. Its the time of the month that we absolutely hate and period mistakes can make it even worse! Menstruation or period is a challenging time for us, both mentally and physically. Most woman develop some ‘period habits’ which may not be good for health in the long run. This is a result of not knowing what’s right and what’s wrong to do when in period. There was a time when period was too taboo to address openly and every girl had to deal with period stigma on daily basis. But days have changed and now there is a lot of chitchat about period over the internet. So it wouldn’t be wrong to throw some light on common period mistakes. Below we have discussed about 6 Period Mistakes Every Girl Makes.
6 Period Mistakes Every Girl Makes, Period Mistakes

6 Period Mistakes Every Girl Makes

Using Scented Products

Period is often accompanied with unpleasant odor. And we end up using scented products to get rid of that. But one should avoid using scented products when in period. According to health experts, women should not use any scented products including pads, tampons, bubble bath or sprays etc during period. Scented products are loaded with synthetic chemicals phthalates, parabens, and cancer-causing chemicals like butylated hydroxyanisole. These chemicals can irritate the body and lead to bacterial infection.

Period Mistakes Every Girl Makes, Period Mistakes

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Many of us face difficulties to fall asleep during period. But not getting enough sleep is a serious period mistake that we must avoid. Due to pain and discomfort, many girls avoid sleeping. Getting proper sleep is particularly important during period. Lack of sleep can cause stress and inflammation which can aggravate PMS as well as menstrual cramps. While we sleep, our body repairs itself and period feels less painful.

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Too Much Coffee

Lack of sleep and other physical discomforts often results in increased intake of coffee. But caffeine can dehydrate our body and make the PMS syndromes even worse. Drinking too much coffee can give us headache and disturb our sleeping pattern. Caffeine consumption can increase estrogen level which is related to developing breast and endometrial cancer.

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Taking Pain Killers

To get rid of menstrual cramp and pain, many of us reach out for over-the-counter pain killers which is another huge period mistake. But these pain medications can do more harm than good. Frequent intake of pain killers increase the risk of sudden heart attack or stroke without any warning. They can also cause ulcers or bleeding in the stomach and intestine as well as damage liver and kidneys.

To minimize your suffering, increase your intake of magnesium, calcium and vit B6 as they help reduce cramping.

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Less Iron Intake

Its very common to be low in iron during our period. Most of us are aware about it but still don’t do anything to replenish ourselves. We must increase our iron intake to make sure we don’t become anemic. Add beans, spinach, meat and other foods that are rich in iron and take supplements. Lack of iron can make us feel totally wiped out, so iron deficiency should be avoided at any cost.

6 common Period Mistakes Every Girl Makes, Period Mistakes

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Skipping Daily Exercise

During periods, we feel weak and so skip our daily exercise which we should not. Its a common period mistake that many of us make. Its good to be active during periods, but avoid heavy exercises. Gentle activities like swimming, cycling or walking gives relief from menstrual cramp and help us feel better.

These were 6 Period Mistakes Every Girl Makes. Period is a messy business and these mistakes make it even messier. So be careful and avoid repeating these mistakes in future.

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