6 Best Teas for Weight Loss

6 Best Teas for Weight Loss – A hot cup of tea is perfect to warm up on a cold winter night, to soothe a sore throat or give relief from headache. But do you know teas can help us to lose weight as well! There are certain teas that speed up our digestion and help to shrink the fat cells. Tea is the most popular drink worldwide after water. Tea is not only tasty, but it is beneficial for our health. Teas have been proved to be effective in preventing dental decay, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer. Weight loss is defined as burning more calories than you consume and certain teas can help us to do exactly that. It has been proved that some special types of teas can speed up our metabolism rate up to 10% without any exercise or diet. Below we have listed 6 Best Teas for Weight Loss, check it out.
6 Best Teas for Weight Loss, Weight Loss

6 Best Teas for Weight Loss

Parsley Tea for Weight Loss

Parsley tea is very effective for weight loss, thanks to its diuretic properties. It helps to eliminate the excess water weight in the body which eventually leads to weight loss. Parsley tea is low in calories and it contains very less amount of fat and sugar. Another great thing about this tea is that it is very high in vitamins like A, C and K, potassium, folate, calcium, phosphorus and certain flavonoids.

White Tea for Weight Loss

White tea is probably the best tea when it comes to weight loss as it works in four ways to help you get rid of those extra calories. Firstly, it blocks the formation of new fat cells. Secondly, it boosts lipolysis, which is the body’s process of breaking down fat. Thirdly, white tea is high in catechin, a special antioxidant which causes our body cells to release fat and finally, it also boosts up our liver’s function to turn fat into energy.

6 Teas for Weight Loss, Weight Loss

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Oolong Tea for Weight Loss

This traditional Chinese drink not only aids in digestion, but it is also very effective to speed up our metabolism and help us to lose weight. Oolong tea is a rich source of catechins which enhances our body’s ability to metabolize fats and thus help us with our weight loss effort. A recent Chinese study has found that people who regularly consume Oolong tea can lose upto a pound in a week!

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Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green tea is literally our do-it-all tea. It is great for our hair, skin, health and no wonder this anti-oxidant rich drink will help us to shed the extra kilos. Green tea is rich in antioxidant compounds that melts fat by speeding up the metabolism process and it also helps with speeding up our liver’s ability to turn fat into energy. According to various researches, consuming green tea regularly (3-4 cups daily) along with 25 minutes of workout help to lose 2 more pounds than non tea drinking exercisers.

Best Teas for Weight Loss, Weight Loss

Peppermint Tea for Weight Loss

This tea is light, fresh and can be drunk either hot or cold. Peppermint is known to suppress hunger. Having a cup of peppermint tea prior to lunch or dinner helps to control what you eat and prevents overeating. Also this tea speeds up digestion and helps to burn more calories.

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Fennel Tea for Weight Loss

Fennel tea is another super effective tea to help in weight loss. It is enriched with high amount of potassium, magnesium, calcium, vitamin B and C. It works great as an appetite suppressant as well as a metabolism booster. Fennel tea not only helps to shed the unwanted calories, but it also flushes out the toxins from our body and keep us healthy from inside.

This was our list of 6 Best Teas for Weight Loss. That’s it for now, thanks for reading 🙂

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