11 Tips to Build Immunity in Child

11 Tips to Build Immunity in Child – Every child is special. And for mothers their child is everything to them. Every child has different health condition. But child’s immune system depends on the fact how mothers bring them up and how the child is taken care of. There are many factors which are responsible for child’s immunity. Today am going to discuss about some tips which will help to build and strengthen the immunity in your child. Check out 11 Tips to Build Immunity in Child.
11 Tips to Build Immunity in Child, child immunity

11 Tips to Build Immunity in Child


Breastfeeding is really important for your child. Doctors also advise to give breast milk to child as much as possible. Breast feed milk as antibodies which help to boost the immune power. It also helps to keep you child away from various health issues such as allergies, and certain infections.

Proper sleep

Children need at least fourteen hours sleep per day. Sleep helps to strengthen the immune power and thus ensures to keep your child away from infection.

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Vitamin C

Give your child proper amount of vitamin C daily which will act as immune booster. Children require at least 15 mg of vitamin C daily and toddlers require 25 mg. So boost your child’s immunity with vitamin C such as strawberry, orange, broccoli, kiwi, green peppers and many more fruits and vegetables.


Make your child to walk, to play. Take your child to park, when they will grow teach them for cycling, running; encourage them for sports which will help them in the form of exercise thus will help them to boost their immunity power.

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Tips to Build Immunity in Child, child immunity

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for kids and you can get that from sunlight. Take your child to open air which will help the bones, muscle to get strengthened.


Feed your child vegetables and fruits which contain Zinc as zinc will help your child to fight against cold and flue. Zinc also helps to grow and develop. Eggs, soya beans are good source of zinc.

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Boost your child’s immunity with herbs. Give your child ginger, garlic, turmeric, oregano, parsley which acts as antibiotic and helps to protect your child from various seasonal infections and also protects them against cold, flue, pain.


Try to feed your kid proper amount of probiotics which is good bacteria. Probiotics increase the digestive health of your child. Yogurt is a good option. It also increases the immunity power and help to fight bacteria.

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Strong kids, child immunity


Try to make a habit for your kid to have enough amount of water which will help you to keep you away from various diseases. Proper amount of water will help to drain out the toxins from your child’s body and thus will keep them disease free.


Try to take care of the hygiene. Teach your child to wash their hands properly after they come from outside or while sitting before meal. Washing of hands and feet will keep them away from many unwanted germs.

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Proper vaccination

Ensure to have proper vaccination done for your child within time. This is really important. So try to note all the vaccination dates and follow the routine accordingly.

Try to feed your child lots of vegetables and fruits and protein so that their immune capacity gets strengthened. And take proper care of your child make sure that your child must get all the essential nutrients which are required for development of body and mind in the growing stage and deficiency will cause harm.

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