10 Winter Health Care Mistakes to Avoid

10 Winter Health Care Mistakes to Avoid – Winter is the season when people enjoy snowfalls and go for long tours and picnics. But winter is also the season of cold and flu. In winters we need to take some precautionary measures which will keep us healthy and glowing. Winter in India starts from October end and stretches up to February end or Mach. Today we are going to discuss some common mistakes which we do during winters and suffer and we really need to avoid these winter health mistakes. So, check out my post 10 Winter Health Care Mistakes to Avoid below.
10 Winter Health Care Mistakes to Avoid, Winter Health Care Mistakes

10 Winter Health Care Mistakes to Avoid

Not drinking enough water

Water is very important for our body to keep it hydrated. Due to excessive cold we try to avoid water and it is a huge winter health care mistake. We need to drink more water during winters as the season is dry one. And it makes your body dry. So as much as water we will drink our body will remain hydrated and skin will also remain glowing.

Wearing Fake Ugg Boots

Ugg Boots keep you warm but they make you feel uncomfortable to walk and thus makes your feet lopsided and pigeon toed which forces women to walk abnormally.

Sun exposure

In winters in order to keep you warm we sit in open area to get sun bath. Though it gives us nice warm feeling but excessive sun exposure makes our skin dry and also our skin and body gets affected by harmful UV rays and also causes anti aging so proper usage of SPF is required even if it is cloudy. So it is another winter health mistake that many of us commit.

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Dressing warmly during exercise

To remain warm during winter is really adorable for us but excessive warm clothes will help to sweat more and on evaporating the sweat it is obvious your body will get chilled. It is to be taken care of that the dressing should be in such way that the body and muscle remain warm.

Ignoring Allergies

Allergies for us are something common and we do the mistake of not taking it seriously. But we need to remember something that winter is the season of viruses so we need to take it seriously and consult physician. We also need to keep our home well ventilated so that virus does not accumulate inside our home. So keep your home enough airy so that air may pass properly. Therefore ignoring allergies is one of the winter health care mistakes to avoid.

Winter Health Care Mistakes to Avoid, Winter Health Care Mistakes

Craving for tasty oily snacks and carbohydrates

Every winter if you notice it is obvious to gain weight. This is just because we don’t take proper care of our calories we intake. We go on eating just for taste. Though we love to eat hot fried snacks in winter but remember in winter we do less exercise and less physical activity so your body burns fewer calories and so avoid this winter health mistake at all cost.

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Getting up with the help of alarm clock

Our body needs proper sleep so that our body’s resistance power may get enough strong to fight out the viruses. For sound sleep we need calm dark and cool place. But if your sleep suddenly breaks by snooze alarm then it may break the sleep cycle. So the sleep should be complete.

Drying clothes indoor

Drying clothes indoors may cause health problems such as allergies, respiratory problem, asthma, and throat and eye irritation. So it is always advisable to dry your clothes in open air or keep the windows and doors of the room wide open when you will try to dry clothes. It is a very common winter health mistake that make of us make.

Depending on vitamin C

Vitamin C is a good one to have as fruit as it is quiet good for health but depending on vitamin C only as a healing supplement from cough and cold will not be a wise decision. You need to have proper zinc supplements to get rid of flu.

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Staying indoors

During winters we become lazy and try to remain indoors as much as possible in order to beat the cold. It is another winter health care mistake. It is really necessary for us to stroll in park or go for walk as it will help in proper blood circulation which will keep our body warm.

Follow a good healthy habit, have proper food in time, exercise regularly- All these will keep you healthy and free from diseases.

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