10 Things You Don’t Do for Good Health

10 Things You Don’t Do for Good Health – Being healthy always depends on us. And in this hectic world we always forget to take care of ourselves. But in order to be steady in the race of busy life we need to be fit and always in good health. We know many things what we should do to be in good health but still we ignore. So, today’s topic will make you remind of certain things which we need to do but we always ignore and don’t do those things. Guys and girls this article is a just a reminder that these are the things you need to do regularly to be in a good health. Now let’s discuss on 10 Things You Don’t Do for Good Health but which are very essential.
10 Things You Don’t Do for Good Health, Good Health

10 Things You Don’t Do for Good Health

Eating green leafy vegetables

We all know that green vegetables are very essential for our health as it provides all kind of vitamins, minerals for our body but still we try to avoid these foods. Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, bell peppers, broccoli, and spring onions are filled with antioxidants which are very essential for good health. These vegetables help you to keep your blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol level in control. Leafy vegetables keep heart healthy.


Regular exercise is very important for good health. Everybody knows this fact but people ignores. It is always go for morning walk or jogging. If your don’t get time in the morning or to get out you can get a treadmill or some other gym instruments at home so that you can do it any time. You can also try for joining a gym. There you can get companions too. But anyways it is mandatory to have exercise at least for thirty to forty minutes regularly for minimum for three to four days a week.

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Proper sleep

Sleep is very necessary. Your body needs proper rest so that the mechanism can be in good form. At least six to seven hours sound sleep is necessary daily for good health. But still people try to ignore this in their busy schedule. But remember one thing if you don’t take proper sleep then you are going to suffer in the long run.

Things You Don’t Do for Good Health, Good Health

High fiber diet

High fiber diet is required for good health. Your body needs proper soluble fibers. Fiber will keep you full and healthy. Fiber keeps your cholesterol level in control and thus keeps heart healthy. High fiber helps to keep you away from gaining more calories as it makes you less hungry. Try to shift all brown whole grains such as brown rice, brown wheat, and brown bread. Avoid all white refined grains.

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Eat less fatty and oily foods

We know this but still we crave for fast foods. Stop having fried food and which contains lot of oily and saturated fat. Fast foods are very good to eat but are unhealthy. Though they are very tasty but it does not keep you in good health.

Satisfy your mind

We ignore to take care of our mind. Try to keep all tension, frustration and stress away. Be calm and quiet. Read good books, listen to good music. Stress can be the reason of many health hazards. Try to follow some yoga or pranayama which will keep you in good health.

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Hygiene maintenance

Forgetting to wash our hands always before we eat anything is our natural behavior. But we should never do this. Always remember to wash off your hands and feet ones you come from outside and also remember to carry a sanitizer before you eat something for good health. If you don’t maintain the hygiene you are going to suffer from various virus affected disease.

10 Things You Don’t Do for Good Health 1, Good Health

Drinking of water

Water is a must for our body. We need to keep our self hydrated always. Still we ignore it at time. Drinking eight glasses of water per day is essential for good health.

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Smoking and drinking habits

Smoking and drinking is very dangerous for health. But people forget to follow this in their stressful life. People feel smoking and drinking keeps stress away but it’s absolutely wrong.

Proper check up

We always ignore this. Regular check up at least after every six months is really worthy. Unless we feel sick we avoid doctor but we should not do this. We need to have regular update of our health.

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These few points will always help you be healthy and happy. A good health will always keep you moving and successful in your life.

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