10 Lipstick Rules Every Woman Must Follow

10 Lipstick Rules Every Woman Must Follow – Lipstick holds a very powerful place in our beauty routine. And why not, nothing ever can transform our look magically like a lipstick does. Even when we have no time to apply anything, not even kajal, lipstick can save our day. Apparently lipstick is one of the easiest makeup item to wear. There are so many price ranges and colors of lipstick available these days. Just get the one you want and swipe on the lips! Its simple! No its not! There are certain rules need to be followed if you want perfect kissable pout. In this post, we will talk about 10 Lipstick Rules Every Woman Must Follow.
10 Lipstick Rules Every Woman Must Follow, Lipstick Rules

10 Lipstick Rules Every Woman Must Follow

Exfoliate First

Exfoliate your lips before applying lipstick. Lipsticks look best when applied on smooth lips. So get rid of dead skin cells first and create a perfect canvas for bright color.


Just like the rest of our face makeup, lipstick also stays longer when applied over foundation. Before applying lipstick, thinly coat your lips with foundation, concealer or a lip primer.

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Choose the Right Shade

There are so many flattering shades of lipstick that we set our heart on. They look so beautiful on our favorite celebrity or probably on your friend. But when we applied, it doesn’t look that much good on us. There is a reason for that. Different color works differently on various skin tones. So choose the shade that complements your skin tone.

Lipstick Rules Every Girl Must Follow, Lipstick Rules

Avoid Sparkle

Avoid lipsticks with too much shimmer on them. Same goes with metallic shades. Shimmers or metallic pigments often look cheap. Let the light reflect on the moisture in the formula, not on strong glitters. Metallic pigments spilling out on the face can ruin your look.

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Stay away from Illusions

Many at times, girls with thin lips overline them to create the illusion of fuller lips and vice versa. But if done in a wrong manner, it can spoil the look completely. Unless you are an expert, don’t do it.

Always Apply Lip Liner

Lip liner plays a significant role in achieving the perfect pout. A neutral lip liner is your best friend. Don’t forget to line your lips before applying lipstick. It will give perfect shape to your lips as well as prevent lipstick from feathering. Never opt for a darker shade of lip liner than your lipstick. It is a makeup disaster that you must avoid.

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The Technique

Its important to know the right technique to apply lipstick. Start your lipstick application from the center of your lips and then move outwards with the help of a lip brush. This will leave less room for mistake. Don’t forget to smudge the border of the lips slightly to get a natural look.

Lipstick Rules Every Woman Must Follow, Lipstick Rules

Don’t Forget to Blot

After you are done applying lipstick, don’t forget to blot it with a tissue. This will take off the excess oils and emollients from the first layer of the lipstick. Now apply the second coat. This will add shine and coverage and make the lipstick stay longer.

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Don’t Overdo Lipstick

Bold lipsticks look stunning, but it can sometimes give a too dramatic and over-the-top look. So lighten up the shade a bit and make it less dramatic. Apply the lipstick on your bottom lips only, press the lips together and blend with fingertips.

Trick to Remove

There is a trick to remove lipstick. Don’t rub your lips with tissues to remove lipstick as this will further dry up the lips. Apply Vaseline or coconut oil all over the lips and wait for couple of seconds. Wipe off with moist cotton. Or simply go for a lipstick remover from reputed brands.

So these are 10 Lipstick Rules Every Woman Must Follow. Remember this tips to apply to get the best lipstick look ever.

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