10 Best Street Food Joints in Kolkata

10 Best Street Food Joints in Kolkata – Kolkata is one of the lovely cities among India. It is the most happening place with lots of fun. People are really foodie there. Bengali people have great taste of both sweets and other delicious foods. Today we are going to discuss some wonderful street foods which everybody will love having once they visit the place. Check out 10 Best Street Food Joints in Kolkata below.
10 Best Street Food Joints in Kolkata, Street Food Joints in Kolkata

10 Best Street Food Joints in Kolkata


Zaika is a very bustling street food joint which is very famous for rolls. Zaika is in Park Street. The famous kathi rolls are best available there. It is very old shop in Park Street which is quiet famous among all.

Anandi Cabin

Anandi cabin is located in Jawaharlal Road which serves famous mouth watering Mughlai Paratha. The Mughlai Parathas are served with Aloo gravy and onion pieces and are very cheap.

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China Town

The famous Chinese town is in Tiretta Bazaar where wonderful famous Chinese breakfast and other snacks you will get at very reasonable price. This area is completely dwelt by Chinese people. You will find many food corners with Chinese hangings and. Famous soup, fish ball soup, rice dumplings, great momos and other Chinese foods are available there at very low budget. If somebody wants to have tasty authentic Chinese food then this is the ideal place.

Coffee House

Coffee house is in College Street there is a famous song on this Coffee House by great singer Manna Dey. It is a lovely place to hover for the college guys and office goers. You can spend wonderful time with friends while sitting over coffee and famous “Kabiraji” Cutlet. Fish Cutlets or Egg cutlets. Ones you visit the place never forget to taste the infusion Coffee.

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Kasturi Restaurant

Kasturi Restaurant is in Free School Street in Kolkata. This small food joint serves the famous authentic Dhakai Bengali Meals which is a complete main course meal. It contains starter, meat course, fish course, rice, sweets and other desserts.

10 Best Street Food Joints in Kolkata 1, Street Food Joints in Kolkata

Fairlie Place

Fairlie place is in BBD Bagh in Kolkata. This place serves famous “Luchi” and “Aloor Dum” which you also know as Puri but is made of white flour and served with Dum Aloo. It is one of the best Bengali breakfast dish and people love to have this.

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Kalika Mukhorochok Telebhaja

This is a very old shop which is more than 50 years and is placed in College Street. This food joint serves famous “Telebhaja” which is also known as “Pakora” in Hindi but the Bengal specialty is different here the fries which you will get that can be of vegetables, fish, egg and even meat.


Mouchak is a famous food joint in Gariahat which sells only various kinds of sweet dishes. An age old glory of selling sweets and people from all over Kolkata obviously visits this food joint ones they come to Gariahat as this the perfect shopping place.

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Tiwari Brothers

If you really want to have good and tasty “Singara” you can call it as Samosas too and Tea then visit Tiwari Brothers in Burabazaar.

Momo I am

Momo I am is in Lake Garden, Kolkata. The famous Tibetan momos are best available here. The most wonderful thing is here momos are accompanied by Chicken soup and very affordable and very tasty.

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Except the above mentioned street food joints you can also try out the “Phuchkas” or “Paani Poori” at Gariahat and try out the “Jhalmuri” or “Bhelpuri” in front of South City mall. You will surely have a lovely experience. If you visit New Market then you must have the Chole Bhature and Dhosa available there. The above mentioned information will help you to have best foods at very cheap price which will not only full your stomach but also satisfy your mind.

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